Free Tarot Readings

Welcome to Aeclectic's free Tarot readings. Here you can receive a complete free reading with our original community-created Tarot and Lenormand decks.

To begin... first close your eyes and spend a few moments concentrating on your question. When you're ready, click a link below for your free reading.

Answer Your Question

Got a burning question? Draw one card from the newest Aeclectic Community Tarot and find your answer.

Your Love Tarot Reading

Draw a card for clear insight on your love relationships.

Your Card of the Day

Your Tarot wisdom for today in just one card.

One Card Tarot Reading

An easy single card reading for insight from the Fourth Aeclectic Community Tarot.

Past - Present - Future Tarot Reading

Get a three card tarot reading on your situation.

Lenormand Oracle Reading

Draw a card for a straightforward, practical answer from the Aeclectic Community Oracle.